Many of our projects include construction management. In this role, we can answer questions that arise during the construction process and serve as an intermediary between the owner and contractor. This saves the owner time and money because they are not caught up in resolving the issues that can arise between design and actual construction. In most cases, we are involved in the design process itself, although we can offer construction services as a stand alone.



In the construction phase, it is imperative that responses to contractor’s questions are provided in a timely manner. The project manager--as the owner's representative--must be able to quickly and accurately understand the impact of a change on the contract cost and the operations of a facility. Once understood, the speed of providing responses to contractor questions is greatly simplified. RE’s disciplined team leaders are very experienced in working on-site with construction contractors, and can quickly provide direction to the contractor to keep construction moving on schedule.
* Pre-construction and construction meetings at job site
* Site observation visits
* Cost control
* Substantial completion
* Punch list
* Final Inspection

Project management includes all the services provided in construction management with some additional services.  It can include documentation of the construction process as well as scheduling of the different trades on the job.  It ensures the time schedules are met and mediates any differences in construction processes.  

Project Close-Out
The effectiveness of this phase of the project will have a significant impact on the remaining life of the project. Facility maintenance personnel will use the project documentation as a reference guide to develop and accomplish maintenance tasks. Later, modifications to the facility will rely on the drawings filed or archived during this period. In short, it is important to ensure that this is done correctly before the institutional knowledge is lost. Our approach is to develop a closeout checklist and ensure that every detail is accomplished correctly before the project is accepted.